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DILIP MUKERJEA is Owner and Managing Director of ‘Braindancing International’ and “Buzan Centre Singapore Pte Ltd,” Organisations specifically dedicated to advancing human performance across multiple domains. Focus is directed on developing Intellectual & Emotional Capital for the Learning Economy, via strategies encompassing Creative Problem Solving, Mind Mapping®, i-Mapping™, Speed Reading, Memory Enhancement, and Lifescaping™. His fast-paced and highly interactive seminars address “Creativity & Innovation in Action!” ergo Braindancing® ~ the manifestation of genius.

Mr.Mukerjea initially trained as a Marine Engineer, whereby he secured first place in the UK for the 1979 final examinations in this field, winning two internationally acclaimed awards for securing top marks in all his subjects.

In accordance with the belief that ‘the Manager of the Future will be a Learning Guide,’ Mr.Mukerjea has opted to focus on society at diverse levels, imparting learning to businesses and corporations, as well as to individuals and children. He ardently subscribes to the vision of converting and significantly elevating humanity into the realm of readily recognisable, ‘advanced’ levels of literacy.

Dilip Mukerjea has been publicly acclaimed as “phenomenally creative and easily one of the world’s top ten Master Mind Mappers” by Tony Buzan himself. He invests his time predominantly in teaching ‘brain skills for immediate application.’ Dilip has also undergone training from Dr.Betty Edwards in “Perceptual Skills In Drawing,” learning to draw, drawing to learn — anyone can draw as long as one learns how to see. “Left” and “Right” modes of brain hemispheric activation are aimed at achieving cortical balance. This is a skill, which Dilip Mukerjea calls ‘Visual Intelligence.’ He teaches it to members of corporations and the general public, in the belief that Verbal and Visual skills dynamically complement each other.

Familiar with the cultures of both ‘East’ and ‘West’, where he has lived and worked extensively, he has also travelled to well over 30 countries around the world. Mr.Mukerjea is now based in Singapore but has imparted his skills in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, and across Asia. Experienced as a public speaker on international platforms, and a versatile seminar presenter, Mr. Mukerjea is involved in developing further skills that will significantly enhance anyone’s creative and innovative capacity. His accomplishments have been recognised and included in the Millennium Edition of Who’s Who of the World and in The Baron’s 500: Leaders for the New Century.

Dilip Mukerjea also focuses on writing interactive books that address ‘brain skills for the 21st century,’ with immediate and multi-purpose application the prime aim of every skill; his best-selling works, Superbrain, Brainfinity and Braindancing, have gone into several re-prints since initial release. Surfing the Intellect, Building Brainpower, Brain Symphony, Unleashing Genius and Taleblazers, are the latest in The Creative Brain Series, a range of books that is becoming a distinct brand in the world of accelerated learning and personal development. His other books, Brainaissance, Brainchild, Lifescaping, BrainForce, and Primary Genius are presently under preparation.


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~Dilip Mukerjea